Turtle Bay Halulu 10'6.



After a busy Summer at Bewl Water we are selling off some of our rental stock to make way for our new boards for next year. All boards of our ex-renatal boards are in good working order, will be sold as a complete package and will come with a 1yr warranty.  All boards we be cleaned before delivery, but please expect a few scuffs and scrapes here and there. Please see the new board description below for more details of this board.


The Turtle Bay Halulu 10'6 x 32" x 5".


The Halulu range is an absolute delight to paddle, combining comfort, rigidity and glide. The double skin heat fusion construction is tried and tested. It is incredibly reliable, robust and lightweight and used by many of the leading brands in the industry. The 10'6 Halulu is agile, stable, comfortable and reasuring underfoot. 


The Halulu is available in 3 sizes and 2 colour schemes.

  • 10'6 blue/pink & blue/yellow.
  • 11'2 blue/pink & blue/yellow.
  • 12'5 blue/yellow.


for 2021 we have added our most comfortable deckpad to date. Combined with cargo storage straps as standard on all of our adult boards, there's no limit to the amount of supplies you can take on your journey or adventure. With a recommended psi of 18-22+, board flex is absolutely minimal and offers a great feel underfoot with a beautiful glide through the water. We have also added built in GoPro mounts to the front and rear of all Halulu boards, so you can capture your paddle sessions from any angle.



  • Double Skin Heat Fused Dropstitch.
  • High Grip & Comfort Deckpad.
  • 18-22+ psi.
  • Front Deck Storage Straps.
  • Front & Rear Camera Mounts.
  • Central, Front & Rear Handles.
  • Flexi Side Bite Fins.


The Turtle Bay Halulu comes as standard with a durable wheeled backpack, a 3pc paddle, 2 stage pump, coil leash, 9" removable US fin + fixed side bites and repair kit.

If you wish to purchase the board on it's own, we are more than happy to help, so please contact us for further info.


End of season Ex-Rental Turtle Bay Halulu 10'6